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Monday, May 3, 2010

WWW of Spin Turlock #12: Groovie Times (no apology to Clash fans)

Haven't really felt like blogging per se in a while, but here's whats new:

Kicksville features Kicks fanzine editrix, Flamin' Groovies uberfan, A-Bones drummist, and Canuck ex-pat, Miriam Linna reminiscing about her tenure with The Cramps.

This comes as a bit of a head-turner, because Miriam has been always reticent about talking about that period in her life (1976 - 1977). Given the nature of her sacking, you couldn't really blame her, so this comes as a pleasant surprise. Her and partner Billy Miller would go on to become Rushmore -like figures in promoting American rock n'roll music through the fanzine, Kicks and the recording label, Norton.

Linna and Miller could be considered the ultimate fans in that they actually became their own heroes by backing the two prime movers of the Groovies, Roy Loney & Cyril Jordan concert. Erg-ho, they BECAME de facto Groovies for two nights in July of last year (2009)

Did I ever mention that I was the MC for 2/3 rds of the Groovies only-est Canadian tour in March of '82? Promoters Stewart Pollock and the late Randy Steele (best known as a CH TV news reporter in Hamilton,ON.) lost a pile of dough doing those shows, but I have my memories. I interviewed Cyril & George for McMaster Radio back then and remember watching them walk across campus in their vintage Brit Invasion suits, clutching Canadian-only , 1963 vintage Beatle LP pressings (the "Twist And Shout" LP) Our vinyl librarian, Al "Fish" Lewis laughed at them...

The rider, (a materials list supplement to the band's performance fee which can include food, beverage, and certain technical items), for these concerts had a specific provision for the band receiving RED towels after the show. This was kind of like the infamous "no brown M&Ms clause" in the Van Halen riders: the band didn't care one way or another but it was a way for the road manager to check up on the promoter's honesty via a simple visual scan of the dressing room. the road manager, by the way, for this tour was a rodent-like fellow by the name of Mouse (not the famous San Fran artist,Stanley Mouse...I don't think so??)A young guitarist by the name of Colin Linden reconnected with Groovies & Charlatans guitarist, Mike Wilhelm.
The set list for the three nights was mainly Beatles and Stones covers, but they did "Shake some Action" and "Don't Put Me On", the latter featuring the best - and ONLY - use of the word poltroons in a rock song.

Alas, that interview tape got bulk erased....and when Cyril Jordan was up here last year with Magic Christian, he remembered very little of it.

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  1. I'm equally proud to say that I was the last person to interview the Cramps when Miriam was a member, and the first to interview the Nervus Rex when they formed. Miriam wrote for me at FFanzeen a few times for a while there, including a nice piece on the Flamin' Groovies, for which she was prez of their fan club (until they did "Werewolves of London," but that's for her to tell more about. I miss those times we would hang out or talk on the phone.