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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

WWW of Spin Turlock #38: No news is good news

Fighting cancer in a family unit requires the effort usually directed towards tertiary concerns, i.e. me and my dog's blog, to be redirected and focused elsewhere.

"It's been a long time since I've spoke to you. Has it been too long?"

Point is: we beat the cancer, got through the school term, got a promotion at work (i.e guaranteed hours, benefits etc) and just lived. In times between, I listened to about 40 CDs from the Harvey box, half of which ended up in the discard pile. Of those I liked enough to retain: The Misunderstood (featuring Glenn Ross Campbell), Hackamore Brick (likeable early 70's outfit that came off as a  B version of the Velvet Underground), The Parliaments (Funkadelic king George Clinton's soul/doo wop outfit) & Morgen (late 60's homemade heavy rock hysteria) stand out.

I got back onto Facebook. I use an alias, and only deal with those people I want to deal with. It's been good. They can have all the personal info of a person who does not exist. All the ding dong day...

Hamilton, ON., my old home town, is very much long ago and far away. Toronto is the same, except w/less rose tint on the bifocals. The Interior of British Columbia still calls out. Go where it's not happening. This seems to be where the universe is vibrating. In the words of an avatar: Spin Out!