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Friday, June 14, 2013

WWW of Spin Turlock #39: "Bigfoot Popcorn Jubilee: the Best!"

"Bigfoot Popcorn Jubilee" is the best thing I've heard in weeks. What it is: Bill Shute took about $10 worth of thrift store (I'm guessing each item cost about 25 cents a piece TOPS)  vinyl record finds, an MP3 converter, and burned thematically-linked American pop, gospel, how-to recordings and whatever else struck his fancy. The results are sublime . Never mind "Americana", this is Ameritrashcana.

I don't know anything about the Party Boys , but We Gotta Party , both Parts One AND Two are swell no-brainer fun. As is Linda Laine & The Sinners "Low Grades And High Fever", and WHO could forget "Stella Got a Fella" by the Fireflies. I couldn't ,possibly because I never remembered in the first place.. I don't have to tell you anything about these presumably late fifties /early sixties dated sides, the titles say it all. The Ken Nordine flexi included is suitably creepy: an ad man pitch for the flexi disc media ("look what happened to Ronald Reagan") corporate Christmas giveaways.  You surely "get" the drift here...

I'll do a thing on the legit releases of Shute's Kendra Steiner Editions (Massimo Magee), but this comp shook me out of my stupor. The Spin is back!