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Sunday, March 18, 2012

WWW of Spin Turlock #36: Deep In the Heart of Texas: the Kendra Steiner Editions

Poetry is the toughest nut to crack into computer code.
Part of the problem stems from the fact that poetry - in the best sense of the word - is a multi-sensory experience. You have to see it, hear it, and most importantly, feel it.
And I mean both in the emotional sense and the tactile sense: the feel, colour and texture of printed page adds more sub and abro text better than any shiny computer screen.

Enter Kendra Steiner Editions . In the Kindle generation, they come out with chapbooks made from rigid, coloured stock paper. They print the words in FULL font sizes. And the contenst of said poetry is about a million miles away from the prevailing American Zeitgist.

All of this is collectively a good thing in my - pardon the pun - book.

Bill Shute
is the driving force behind KS editions. He fronts his own money to get these things out, usually in editions of  100 or less. Shute deals with metaphysics, that realm of interest that lies somewhere between God & Man, the scope of which encompasses everything from the psychology & economic LIFE metaphors involved in playing the ponies ( "Exacta Box" w/Brad Kohler), to socio-economic musings ("Florentine Dictations") to thumbnail sketches of the people you invariably have to deal with ("is it off--Is it on"). I will - I must - quote from the latter here:

she's the foremost
Civil War Artist
of our time

her stepson's band
spent $5000 to achieve
their signature lo-fi sound

& I pretend to an interest in
and have my brain picked for


Some of the other jockeys who make the KS grade includes Poznan, Poland native, A.J. Kaufman , whose "Love Lions of Paris" strikes me as being almost an exercise in modern Romantic. The modern part would be the form, the Romantic part being the rock n' roll influence. Kaufman pushes the sensory buttons & splashes the word colouring around. Google him to see what else he does (a MySpace page!)

I've known Bill for what, close to 30 years now. I think I sent him a copy of my rockuh fanzine, Mole #4, the one with the Troggs interview. He used to do hour-long guest cassette spots on my radio show. The spots were entitled "The Inner Mystique", which was also the name of his column for the Phfud/Black To Comm fanzine column. Shute's musical tastes are also "metaphysical" in scope: garage rock, psychedelia, free jazz, blues, country, improv. Music plays a big part in what he does: the latter two chapbooks are inspired -or to be accompanied - by specific pieces of music.

KS editions has taken the music aspect several steps further. I'll deal with that in the next issue. In the meantime, the snail mail addy:
14080 Nacogdoches Rd #350
San Antonio, Texas,

On the web:
And yeah, they take Paypal

Saturday, March 3, 2012

WWW of Spin Turlock #34: Sundry & Fury, Signifying Nothing

From the Desk of Spin Turlock, Sports Editor:

Here's a bit of freelance PR I did recently. I only do this for people I like, and I like fewer people these days. It turned up immediately on this blog, which I quite enjoy, btw: young Tim used to write for Now Weekly & used to get the hackles of readers up on a regular basis ..always a good thing, right?

What does this mean for Simply Saucer, now that Foster (and apparently drummer Joe Csontos,too, although this is "unconfirmed" at this point)is out?
Well, the two Original Members, (i.e. the guys who were responsible for Cyborgs) Edgar Breau & Kevin Christoff have quorum dibs on the name usage. Breau is pushing his new solo album, Patches of Blue, which is getting all sorts of virtual ink all over the blogosphere. Noted hep cat, Gary Topp compared parts of it to Caravan. The five other people who understood that last reference will be sussed, but for the rest of us, here's yer actual nibs:

I suspect Saucer will be put in mothballs, while Ed & KC promo the solo disc, & Dan updates the website. In the meantime, watch out for Sunnhouse, (or is that Sunnhaus..I can't tell: the cocktail napkin has stains on it) . Note to all, though: this is a LEGIT group and it features 3/5ths of the Saucer Half Human, Ha;f Live line-up, inc. the aforementioned Messrs Foster & Csontos. An album, tentatively titled either "Die Kinder sind ├╝berrascht" or "Teutonic Neurotic", . There's also talk of Foster joining those super-duper groups The Kewpies or Crosby, Stills, Nash & Doak. Again, these reports are unconfirmed.

And what better way to occupy copy space than to post an embedded video? Right Harv?

Spin Out!