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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

WWW of Spin Turlock #2: Life in Grande Prairie

First off, the missing fanzine giants Byron Coley & Eddie Flowers mentioned in issue #1, are present and accounted for, according to Imants Krumins. The former has restarted his Father Yod book & music mail order operation from a log cabin in rural New England and is STILL trying to sell that original vinyl copy (flour sack cover n' all) of King Biscuit Boy's "Good 'Uns". Older Hamilton readers will recognise that item as the out-takes from Official Music. Click on Coley's name if you're interested.Bold

Eddie Flowers, on the other hand, is looking for a new home. I'd invite him here, but I don't think he would fare well in Grande Prairie, Alberta The winter would kill him.

So far, I've done alright , even in -38 degree weather. The air is clear here, the beer is relatively cheap, and - for the first time in over 20 years - I have regular access to cable here.

So what do I watch? Not much (or Much) music related stuff. Mainly the Food, Discovery, & Weather Channels. The 6 o'clock Edmonton news. Maybe a few movies on Showcase. I like 'Destroyed In Seconds", it appeals to the inner ten-year-old in me.

Radio-wise, the local country station here seems to have a consensual take on the genre, mixing new, classic, and even some Americana stuff. That, CKUA, and the local CBC One re-broadcaster . I listen to about 20 minutes of radio - tops - in a week.

The high speed internet line ends here. Anywhere north of here, it's satellite or bust. And I spend more time on the Net than TV & Radio combined. Checking out the links of the fanzine cum blogs. Reading & responding to e-mails from people concerned about my decision to abandon civilization. Rejecting any & all Facebook invitations, paginations, & applications, mainly because I'm 3000 freakin. clicks away from your opening/CD release/self-help group.

And I'm busy working. More on that later.

Next issue: we answer 20 questions posed by YOU! Either the first, or best questions. Fire away

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