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Saturday, November 28, 2009

WWW of Spin Turlock #1

Back in the 20th century, see, I used to read printed music fanzines and hang out with crazy poets. I even went as far as printing my own rag: Mole, (sprung from the ashes of Teenage News).
It was poorly laid out, written in a sub-sub literate manner and was a whole bunch of FUN to do...when I wasn't hawking used vinyl (Rave, Mole records) or new vinyl (Simply Saucer...Cyborgs was released 20 years ago last week) or managing crazy poet cum wrestlers (The Hated Uncles) that is.

Eventually, I would turn pro: write for street weeklies (Spotlight, Freestyle, Toronto Eye Weekly), then daily newspapers (Hamilton Spectator), then B-I-G newspapers (the Globe & Mail, Canadian Press wire services)..then...nothing. Nada. Zip.

When the Absence ended (New Year's Eve '01 w/Mike Trebilcock) I did a NG (that's news group e-Mole) and e-Zine writing (In Music We Trust). I stage managed outdoor festivals
and worked with the reformed Simply Saucer, among other things.

This past year, after 30 years of life in the Hammer (Hamilton, ON.) I wrapped up most of my professional musical activities and moved to Grande Prairie, Alberta, host of the 2010 Arctic Winter Games. One phase ends, another begins,

Lately, I have found a lot of the friends and/or people I admire are using this format: Black To Comm, Kicks Norton records, John Harvey Dog , The Next Big Thing.

I don't know if I'll be writing as much on this, but I'm comfortable with the format. At the very least, it will act as a newsletter for FAQ's.

Before I wrap this maiden post up, I just want to ask one question:

Will anyone knowing the whereabouts of Eddie Flowers and/or Byron Coley please fwd their respective Internet co-ordinated to me?

Thanks And Good Luck!



  1. Why the "G"? Eddie Flowers still reachable via

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