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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

WWW of Spin Turlock #41: More Kendra Steiner/ The Programmatic Genius of Bill Shute

I always enjoy getting stuff from Kendra Steiner Editions. Small press, stapled chapbooks of poetry. Numbered edition CDRs of stuff with "no commercial potential". Mix tape CDRs culled from digitized flea market vinyl finds .

The last bunch I received was no exception. We start with the red herring first: "Polymorphous Urban poems for Lou Reed". I like the writing styles of ALL the participants involved (inc. the publisher Bill Shute) but I think's the idea of Lou Reed celebrated here, rather than any specific thing Reed did per se. Meaning: don't buy a Reed/Metallica collaboration based on this, or any other, tome.

A more enjoyable work is Someplace on Anywhere Road , which ostensibly starts out w/Texas references, but , as the title states, ends up in anywhere. Which is a good place. Shute has a personable style, a tough thing to pull off when metaphysics is a major element in your work. If I had to recommend a starting point for novices, "Anywhere" is as good as it gets.

KSE also does music/poetry sound collaborations.#271 features Shute teaming up with Hamilton, ON.'s second or third greatest musical export, Fossils. The results are awesome, if not exactly easy listening fodder. Fossils has a knack for finding the correct amounts of skronk and whirrrrrr, and "plays well with others", as they used to say in our Kindergarten report cards. These things are music -related , but sound artists (hello, Victoria Fenner!) should find these sets interesting, too.

Finally, if you throw in a few extra books, maybe Bill will share some of those mix tape Thrift Store CDRS. Sample titles include: "One Sided Cumulous Cakeshop Kittens" , which included a Jowe Head re-work of Swell Maps "Cake Shop Girls" ...and I was just listening to the Swell ones,  "Jane From Occupied Europe"!.
 I haven't listened to the Massimo set yet, but I assume it's good. The link at the top of this article will take you there.

Shirley graduated from University . She is now Shirley B. Comm. I am still hawking TVs and hi-fis. Life is good in Northern Alberta. Thanks for asking.

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