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Thursday, October 6, 2011

WWW of Spin Turlock #30: Assorted Thoughts of Varying Interest

I was going to diss some of the contents of the "Harvey Box", but nah, life is too short to wax mean on the collected works of Lindesfarne & The Ultimate Spinach.

And as far as the John Denver set goes, Shirley is very happy. The CD has ALL those 70's hits like "Country Roads", ""Back Home Again" (my dad's fave) & "Sunshine On My Shoulder". Shirley went as far as to purchase a Denver songbook for a whole 25 cents in an attempt to get me to play those songs on the gee-tar. Hang glider flying lessons, however, are not in the cards.

"He probably has his own demons to contend with. Do you know how many records he sells? Holy shit, it's amazing,"
Lou Reed, on the topic of John Denver, taken from a 1975 Rolling Stone interview

The main thing I want to talk about is quitting Facebook. I did it, and you can, too.
I got tired of it all, tired of the friend requests from bum bands, tired of the stupid apps (I don't care if you need a cow in Farmville, !@#$ off), and most of all battling the (lack of) privacy settings. I feel sorry for the 800 or so pals stranded, but there are other ways of getting a hold of me if I'm THAT important.

I have a feeling, though, a good chunk of those "friends" were only friendly in relation to my own datafriendbase. Add me, get a whole bunch of people as spam fodder yr bum band/demonstration/Tupperware party.

The role of Facebook may be replaced by something more efficient. We'll see..In the meantime, I still have regular e-mail, and loads of tunage to wade through.
Life is slow, but good here in Northern Alberta. Take care.