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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WWW of Spin Turlock #22: Brews In Review...Part Deux

...get the pun?

Grande Prairie, Alberta is a mere 90 minutes from the border of that weird, yet wonderful province known as British Columbia. And if you're looking to quaff non-generic beer, B.C. is crawling with micro/craft breweries. All that glacial melt has to go somewhere...

The Columbia Brewery
in Creston can trace its history back over a century to The Fort Steele Brewery. It is an arm of Labatts, and said breweries main product, Kokanee, now resembles a Labatts product. Their Gold brand is sort of an ice lite lager. They are both acceptable, but only just.

What has been catching my fancy are places like The Tree Brewery > Their motto "Drink Real Ale Cause Bud Is Just For Smoking"! could have only referred to BC, and in light of recent Facebook postings, is needed "now. more than ever".

I picked out Hop Head to review. It's an Indian Pale Ale (that's IPA to you), and - as the name implies heavy on the hops. Hops give beer a slightly bitter edge, which may put off some maiistream swill swuggers..but not me!
See, when I was a kid, I had to take an asthma medication called Tedral, a truly bitter pill to swallow. Mom tasted one once to see why I was constantly grimacing during the administration of it. She promptly spat out the ill and dared Dad to taste it. He promptly bit into it, which impressed me at the time. In retrospect, it probably resembled the taste of concentrated hops, which explains why it was no big deal for him...
(On a related note: some hops are recommended by naturopaths for the treatment of asthma).
I quite liked the brew. It cuts through the thirst haze with a swathe and sits well with food, unlike some beers (fourth paragraph down...) /
Well, that's enough. The bread has become a large dough zeppelin in the breadmaker & I'm thirsty. Next issue: Jandek's Toronto Sunday recording reviewed.

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