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Monday, August 9, 2010

WWW of Spin Turlock #16: Grande Prairie Indie Scene Report

I recently discovered this item at the local Salvation Army. After inspecting the front and the back cover, I knew I had stumbled across, in the words of Jake Avery, a "rare, HARD TO FIND" recording and immediately purchased it for 80 cents.

I'm not sure when this recording was made, as there is no copyright information provided. Aside from the original instrumentals, the most recent cover is a version of the Kendalls "Heaven's Just A Sin Away", which hit the top of the country charts in October of 1977. Judging by the lead guitarist's receding hairline, I'm guessing this album was independently released a few years later, maybe in 1983, '84.
It's hard to tell, though, as the lay-out is primitive, even by 1977 pre-QuarkExpress standards.

On a postive note, the liner notes on the back are helpful. More independent artists should take a cue from the Rebels, and supply biographical information on their releases. Professional reviewers such as myself appreciate such details. I see that the album lives up to its title,as there are a VARIETY of styles covered on this disc, ranging from country to world music ("Caribbean") to surf rock (a cover of "Wipeout"!) Sound unheard, I'm willing to bet this is a four-star recording. These Rebels will not be forgotten!

P.S. I plan to borrow a piece of equipment and digitize these tracks, as I plan to share them with other music lovers around the world.
That's just the way I roll.


  1. I agree about independent bands providing info on their releases - in this day and age of the internet please please please include your bands web site address on your release. it'll make it alot easier for radio guys to promote your band.

    1. There was no public internet when this was recorded, sorry.

  2. Replies
    1. I have since heard the contents of this. It was worth the 80¢ investment!