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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WWW of Spin Turlock #9: Stuff I like...

Editorial dsiclaimer: G-Mole does not endorse using Bud Lite as a mixer, or "straight up", for that matter

These things, in the words of the hardly-lamented Chester, "make my life /a little bit brighter"

Greydyn Gatti
hosts the 1919RadioZone program, which was (is?) originally broadcast at an ungodly hour on CKLN-FM in Toranna, ON. Hep time travellers can opt for the downloadable podcast version, now in its lucky 7th edition. There's lots of groovy six-tease garage, pop, and psych sides to be found here, but the hosts have the innate good sense to mix it up with 70s disco, kraut, noise & punk/early hardcore sides. His sometime-sidekick Toranna artist, Chrystal Snowden contributes materially to this show. (We shared oxygen once, but have never actually met, per se). Recommended.

Most of you knew I hosted a golden-age C&W radio show before I permanently put the accent on the "w" & relocated myself here. If you miss that kinda action, why don't you point your browser here...Janice has the goods. Really.

Another blog I religiously follow - and so should you - is the Hound Blog. Put together by long-time WFMU-FM host and Kicks magazine contributor, James Marshall, it will teach you important things about music, life, and how to cuss.

There's not a whole lot of live music to be heard in GP...not in the above-radar range venues anyway.. but when there is, Shirley & I try and show up. We enjoyed, for example, Shane Chisholm's recent show at Duke's

Shane plays a doghouse bass fashioned out of a 1970 vintage gas tank (shades of Washboard Hank, with whom Shane worked with!)and tours the C&W cover circuit, but manages to work his own material in. Judging by Hitchhiking Buddha, his latest release, it's pretty engaging. Not just another pretty hat, Buddha goes nationwide in Canada through Fontana North on March 23, 2010..

Lately, I've been stoked on what they used to call "red eyes": i.e. beer topped off with Clamato. It helps make budget beers last longer and go down smoother.

And how are YOU?


  1. Bud Light and Clamato? Sounds like a NIGHTMARE!!!! Ack! Gag!

  2. Works with the local budget brews here...