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Monday, January 11, 2010

WWW of Spin Turlock #6: "Too Many Cooks.."

Those glam n' giddy overachievers, The Kewpies are at it again! This time, they offer up a tribute to Frances Hannah Kerr & Teenage Head
with their version of Picture My Face, featuring the vocal stylin's of Fox Fiesta! Can a full length LP from the lads be far behind?

Some people I have found on the tube and on the net:

Anthony Bourdain
provides a welcome contrast to the sometimes hoop n' pony aspects of the Food Network. Plus, he's had cool peeps like Nick Tosches on his show, although you could see Nicky visibly wince when the topic of Sinatra came up.

Speaking of food giants, why doesn't Peter Zaremba have his own show? That cunning sommelier's Busybuddy blog is a winsome blend of rock n' grub tour diary.

I am really happy that ex-Bonzo Dog Band, Monty Python & oh, ok, Rutle guy Neil Innes is touring again. I've said this before, but the young Innes is a perfect doppelganger for CFMU-FM Program Director James Tennant

Look,see for your yourselves! Both of 'em do the facial stubble thing...

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